Litigations Services

Vietnam Law Services provides litigation service at all levels of Court as defend counselor or interests of involved parties’ defend counsel.

With many years of experiences in dealing with litigations at all levels of Court, Vietnam Law Services can satisfy all your requirements in any of the following cases: criminal, civil, business, labor, land, administrative, marriage and family etc.  Some of the services include:

  • Provide consultation on conflict solving strategies, analyze strengths and weaknesses of parties in litigation.
  • Provide consultation on methods and styles of conflict dealing solutions, negotiate with client’s partners as representative.
  • Attend in investigations, find and examine evidences, documents; consult and assist clients in making and preparing files that will be submitted at Courts, Arbitrations.
  • Provide consultation on procedures and processes that are relevant to judgment executions, receive representation in civil judgment execution procedures.
  • Act as deputy and protect legal rights for involved parties in civil, business/commercial, labor, administrative cases.
  • Plead for criminal suspected people in criminal cases.
  • Appoint attending Lawyers in litigation as interests of involved parties’ defend counsel in civil, business, labor, administrative, marriage and family cases.