Legal Contract Consultancy

Vietnam Law Services provides contract consultancy, including preparation of legal foundation, negotiation, draft, adjustment and assessment of business contracts, commercial contracts, investment contract, etc.

Content of draft contract consultancy service:

  • Prepare all legal foundation adjusting relevant matters;
  • Study relevant documents, enquire relevant information of parties of the contract in specific cases according to company’s requirements. From that point we bring out the best solutions for drafting and signing contracts to ensure maximum benefits of the enterprise and balance the interests of parties of the contracts;
  • Appoint Lawyer(s) attending in contract negotiation;
  • Bring out legal opinions for consultancy hiring parties to evaluate, make decision about contract contents.
  • Assess the content, examine and adjust contract clauses issued by partners.
  • Draft necessary clauses of contracts, negotiate with partners in order to protect important clauses, guarantee the legal rights of hiring consultancy Party.
  • Draft and adjust clauses that are relevant to rights and liabilities of Parties of contracts.
  • Consult and draft other contents according to legal regulations about payment clauses, fine for breaches clauses, applied law, jurisdictional Bodies…

Vietnam Law Services offers consultation on drafting of the following contracts:

  • Business contracts;
  • Commercial contracts;
  • Investment contracts;
  • Civil contracts;
  • Labor contracts;
  • Business cooperative contracts;
  • Joint-venture contracts;
  • Contracts for sales and purchase of goods;
  • Secret guarantee contracts;
  • License contracts;
  • Sales and purchase contracts;
  • Other kinds of contracts.