Internet content providers (ICP) license

Information provider websites on must be licensed by the Ministry of Information – Communications.

“Information provider website is general information page on the Internet of organizations or enterprise to provide comprehensive information on politics, economics, culture, society on the basis of the information cited from the official press agency sources or from the electronic information pages of the Party and State agencies.”

I. To complete the permit application of ICP license we will require the following documents:

1. Registration of business / investment certificate (03 notarized copies)

2. Certificate of registration of domain name (03 notarized copies)

3. Curriculum vitae of the person who is responsible for the content of the website- certified by the People’s ward where he registered permanent residence, with stamped by Ward People’s Committee 3cmx4cm photo, (03) .

Note: The person responsible for the content of the website is the legal representative (shown in the Certificate of Business Registration / or investment certificates).

4. Contract with information providing organization (if any).

5. User manual (if available).

6. Printed screen of main pages and other pages (03 copies), sealed.

II. After receiving the above documents, we will revise, complete the establishment of websites (ICP license) permit documents, including:

7. Application for setting website

8. The scheme of setting up website (in collaboration with client).

9. Commitment to sources for news and information content.